50 Quarantine discoveries

Today, rather than publishing a playlist, a djset, a liveset or a livestream, I would like to share a list where I have collected some of the most recent productions of international post-electronic artists listened carefully in the last few months of quarantine. What makes these productions very interesting for me is the ability to divert the concept of musical genre while maintaining, in the balance, a link with a pop conception.
I thought it was good to link the bandcamp pages of artists and labels because I believe that especially in these days it is right to support economically this type of creative activity.
Happy listening from Økapi!

Labirinto – The vinyl

Limited edition of “Labirinto” by Økapi: a sound path created for a child-friendly installation (RomaEuropa-TeatrodelleApparizioni 2017) and then exploded into a concept-album. “Cinema for the ears” with the unmistakable signature of Filippo Økapi.


K-Mundi – The little disaster inside us K-Mundi make (mostly) improvised music with a post-postmodernist approach, using acoustic, electronic, and electroacoustic instruments. Their first album…