A site-specific installation coinceived by Teatro delle Apparizioni for Romaeuropa Festival Kids
from 4 years old

an idea by Fabrizio Pallara
architecture design Sara Ferazzoli
original sound Økapi
with the advice of Sara Ferrari and Valerio Malorni
and the support of Romaeuropa Festival

A construction that comes from afar, reworked in a contemporary interpretation, and made to be followed by the gaze of children.
A labyrinth to enter, look, make mistakes, try again, and finally go out.
The fear of entering and staying, the path to be taken within, with many choices to be taken.
As in a small initiatory experience, children will be invited to decide, to face an unknown and unexplored road; they will lose themselves, they will have to find the right path, go back and start again. And with them, inside the space, they will be accompanied by the rhythms and mysterious sounds composed by Økapi. Meanwhile they will perhaps find themselves a little bigger, like little legendary heroes.

guarda il “Making of”:

Listen to a brief aria by Økapi: